Stainless Steel French Fry Cutter


Quality stainless steel construction, non slip, suction locking feet, and two easy to change blades makes preparing perfect French fries quick and simple. Whether 36 thick cuts or 64 thinner cuts, getting perfectly matched pieces assures deliciously even cooked fries every time.

  • Two Easily Interchangeable Blades - Easy to change thick and thin cut blades, slicing perfectly matched potatoes is quick and easy. Remember the sharp side must always face the potato.
  • Sturdy Base - Solid stainless steel base with suction cup feet locks into place ensuring safety in the kitchen.
  • Maximum Versatility - Slice 36 thick cut or 64 thin cut potatoes perfectly in seconds saving you valuable prep time.
  • Slices Even Hard Yams and Sweet Potatoes - A quick and easy parboil or microwave is all you need to prep these hard to cut favourites.
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