A Few Bricks Short of a Load Board Game


The Exciting Game of Visual Identification!
In this fun and exciting party game, players have 3 minutes to identify the objects pictured on the card.

Category topics range from dog & cat breeds, to candy, sports, cars, flowers, birds, animals and much more! There are categories for almost every interest - so everyone can enjoy the fun!

Players write down their answers and score points for each corrected guess. Every time a player obtains 50 points - they get a brick. The player who builds the tallest tower of bricks at the end of the game wins!

With "loads" of interesting objects and images to guess, A Few Bricks Short of a Load will provide hours of social fun and family entertainment!

Need Some Help? Are you a few bricks short of a load?
Use the "Magic Wand" to reveal the answers - but in a "scrambled order". Be careful as to when you get these answer clues as they will cost you half your points!

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