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Black Tea - 8 Flavours | Mortise And Tenon

Black Tea - 8 Flavours


Ancient Forest Black

Cultivated from the ancient protected tea tree forests of Yunnan Province, China, this rare and exquisite black tea makes a full-bodied and earthy infusion with a rich and penetrating aroma heavy with age and collective wisdom. The flavor of this deep amber infusion is unlike any other black tea available. Truly exceptional.

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The Ancient Forest:The ancient protected tea tree forests of Yunan Province range from 500 to over 3000 years old. In fact, the oldest human-planted tea tree in the world grows in the Jinxiu Village in Yunnan Province, and is 3200 years old. With a diameter of 1.84 meters, the tree is also the biggest tea tree in the world, growing at an altitude of 3,245 meters.

Ancient Forest Black Ingredients:

Tea (camelia sinensis)

Black Maple

One of our Canadian best-sellers, the familiar flavor of maple predominates this tea, and is carried well by the simple Indian black tea base. If you've ever been to the sugar shack, or have a thing for maple, you wont want to miss this one. A great breakfast tea, especially with pancakes. Hooked? Let us know!

Black Maple Ingredients:

Organic black tea, safflower, natural essences


A blend of black teas and pu-erh.

Black teas are the most processed, while pu-erh is processed like black tea, then aged. This blend is earthy, malty, rich and smooth with a slightly fruity note. Pu-erh adds a bit of umami, with it's earthy, deep flavour. Kombucha made with this tea is smooth, full-bodied and earthy with some astringency. It will pair well with dark fruits, any kind of spice, oranges and much more

Bold Ingredients:

Organic black tea, organic pu-erh (loose leaf)

Caramel Latte

Caramel latte is a bold blend of premium quality black tea and dark roasted coffee beans. Strong coffee aroma, malty black tea brew with a subtle sweet caramel taste. This coffee and tea blend is a perfect progression from coffee to tea. Great with milk, awakening in the morning and delicious after a meal.

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The black tea base of this luxurious blend comes from the beautiful central highlands of Sri Lanka, world-famous for their high quality black teas and pioneering agricultural methods.  Sri Lanka was not always known for tea, however.  Formerly named Ceylon, Sri Lanka was a major coffee exporter during the days of the Dutch and British colonies.  By 1870, Sri Lanka was the world’s largest coffee producer.  When the ‘coffee rust’ blight hit Sri Lanka in 1875, most coffee plantations were destroyed within 20 years.  Shortly thereafter, tea plantations were established, and continue to flourish there today.

Caramel Latte Ingredients:

Organic black tea, coffee, sunflower petals, natural essences

English Breakfast

This blend of fine black teas has an inviting aroma, a full body and a light fruity and stimulating taste. A perfect morning tea, it goes well with milk and sugar or agave nectar.

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The Origin of English Breakfast:The naming of this blend did not originate in England as might be assumed, but rather in the United States. They were making reference to the robust and hearty “full English breakfast' consisting of heavy fried foods and meat; similarly, the English Breakfast tea blend has traditionally been a blend of robust and flavorful teas.

English Breakfast Ingredients:

Black tea (camelia sinensis)


Raspberry Earl Grey

One of our most popular Earl Grey variations, with pleasantly fruity berry notes mingled with an underlying bergamot profile, you'll find it impossible to put this cup down. The aromas are so enticing, you'll have at least 3 cups before you finally decide it's time to get back to work... or you might just take the day off to spend with your new tea-love.

Raspberry Earl Grey Ingredients:

Tea (camelia sinensis), orange peel, safflower, natural essences

Royal Cream Earl Grey

This black tea blend from Shanti Tea is a perfect combination of sweet creamy notes, bergamot flavour and a rich, malty black tea base. This tea pairs well with milk and sweeteners but is also delightful served black. We recommend infusing for 2-3 minutes but up to 5 minutes if adding milk. A wonderful black tea blends for those who enjoy many different flavours, whether you enjoy Earl Grey or not, try Royal Cream Earl Grey! 

Royal Cream Earl Grey Ingredients:

Black tea, cornflowers, orange peel, natural essences

Spicy Cacao

Chocolate, black tea, chili flakes? Sounds like a great combination to comfort and warm you up!

Spicy Cacao is the perfect comfort to help you warm up. The malty black tea is perfectly complemented by chocolate and a little kick from chili flakes. You'll be surprised how quickly this becomes your new winter go to, morning, afternoon and evening.

Story, Folklore, History...

Cacao trees are native to Central and South America. The Aztecs were some of the first recorded to consume chocolate as a beverage. Some sources say they called their hot beverage chocolate, it was consumed as a hot liquid with no sweetening ingredients, but instead with chili peppers to spice up the beverage. Their emperor was said to have drank 50 cups of chocolate each day! When discovered by Europeans, they found the drink to be far too bitter, and added cane sugar to sweeten the rich and bitter product.

Be careful not to infuse too long! The longer you steep, the spicier it gets. Start with 2-3 minutes and increase to taste if desired.

Spicy Cacao Ingredients:

Organic black tea, organic cinnamon, organic chili flakes, organic ginger root, organic cacao nibs, natural essences

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