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Compost City by Rebecca Louie | Mortise And Tenon

Compost City by Rebecca Louie


These Days, everyone's talking about compost.

Along with backyard chickeners, balcony beekeepers, rooftop farmers, and community gardeners, urban composters are part of a bumper crop of pioneers who are redefining the green space of crowded towns and cities. You may think you need a big yard to compost. Think again. Compost City teaches you how to easily choose and care for a compost system that fits perfectly into your (tiny) space, (busy) schedule, and (multifaceted) lifestyle.

Whether you live in a cramped apartment or a sprawling town house, or your dream of composting in a shared space with a group of friends or colleagues, Compost City provides simple and effective indoor and outdoor composting options.

Packed with research, expert testimonies, and a healthy dose of humour, Compost City will help you:

  • compost your food scraps and yard waste with flair
  • ease your fears of backbreaking labour, obnoxious odours, big messes, and creepy crawlies (hint: you can compost successfully without any of the above!)
  • convince compost-wary family, friends, neighbours, and community leaders to green-light your compost dreams.

Compost City serves all eco-curious citizens from casual hobbyists to staunch activists. Put your compost cap on. Whether you compost one tea bag or whole honking barrelfuls of scraps at a time, you're about to gave a whole lot of fun.

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