Granite Double Sided Mortar & Pestle


This double sided granite mortar & pestle set allows you to fine grind peppercorns and spices on the small side, while still having the capacity to make and serve guacamole or fresh salsa in the larger side. This versatile and multifunction tool is one of our favourite kitchen tools, and an absolute must-have. 
  • REQUIRED MODERN COOKING EQUIPMENT - A kitchen's ambience is defined by the aroma of herbs and spices battling against each other before they are added to a recipe. These strong flavours are unleashed when using this mortar and pestle. Our giant size black and grey granite stone mortar and pestle crusher is handy for everything from cracking peppercorns and crushing tender herbs to making pesto, salsa and guacamole.


  • CHEF PREFERRED – Chefs prefer traditional granite mortars and pestles over clay, ceramic, glass, marble, wooden or other stones one since granite mortar and pestle sets never fails to product the best and most delicious paste. You will discover that the fine flavours produced from food ground in this granite mortar and pestle are far superior to the flavours of foods ground in a mortar and pestle made from other materials.


  • EXCELS AT THE FULL RANGE OF TASKS – From mashing delicate herbs to grinding stubborn peppercorns, our solid, hand-carved mortar and pestle out-rivals the competition. The huge, heavy duty, and broad-based pestle needs to do little more than fall on ingredients to crush them – very little elbow grease required. And the bowl’s big, extra deep sloped shape and rough matte texture keep ingredients in the centre, so there’s no need to chase them around with the pestle.

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