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Karmalize Me Morning Joe Almond Butter | Mortise And Tenon

Karmalize Me Morning Joe Almond Butter


This gourmet handcrafted Morning Joe spread is a coffee infused almond butter that is packed with 6 gram of protein and a caffeine kick equivalent to a 12-oz cup of premium coffee per serving. Have it with your breakfast (toast, oatmeal, or spoonsfull all by itself) to feel awake and energized or enjoy it as a healthy afternoon snack to overcome the afternoon slump.


They use the real coffee in their recipe that gives it the nice bitter coffee taste, however, if you like it to be on the sweeter side, add honey or sugar to the spread.

The Morning Joe spread is stone ground, and gluten-free with no added oils or preservatives

Weight: 6oz.

Packaged in glass jars.

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