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Plant Life Support | Mortise And Tenon

Plant Life Support

  • Tired of killing your houseplants?
  • Hook your plants up to a miniature IV drip!
  • Just fill it with water and it'll take care of the rest
  • Ideal for looking after your plants while you're on short trips away
  • The perfect gift for forgetful plant parents
We've lost count of the number of plants we've accidentally sacrificed over the years. Not enough water, too much water – we'd like to claim it's the plants being picky but we know we're wholly responsible for their pathetic demise.

Introducing Plant Life Support, the miniature lifelike IV drip for your houseplants! Pop it into a pot with the included stand, fill it up with water and it'll take care of the rest – slowly feeding your plant with just the right amount of water as and when it needs it.

It's the perfect gift for neglectful plant parents or for when you need to take a short trip away – especially when your neighbours are even worse than you are at looking after houseplants!

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